The way I see my job as a wedding/elopement photographer is to be there as a friend and not just as a vendor. I’m going to be there when you are going to live the best moments, but also at times when you’ll be stressed out. That said, we definitely need to get along.

Hiring me as your wedding photographer, means I’ll be there all day, capturing emotions like a ninja. All you need to do is trust me, and everything will be fine!

découverte de la mariée

My couples are


There are no rules, you get to write your love story. Whether you want to an intimate ceremony on the beach, an outdoor party with your friends or elope in Scotland: I’ll get on board. The most important thing is that at every step of the way, you stay true to yourself


My packages start at 1800€, and I don't do discounts. It wouldn't be fair to my other couples who paid the full amount. I treat every couple with the same love and respect. Getting a photographer for your wedding is an investment, but one that will last forever. After the wedding, you won't remember the taste of your food, but you will definitely look back at your pictures!

I don't do more than 15 weddings a year, because I don't want you to be just another name on a list. We take time to meet/Skype, I'll help you plan your wedding etc. If you re just looking for someone to take pictures, I'm not your girl! But if you want to talk about random things, have a beer and make memories, then I'm all in.


Because the environment and animals are really important to me, I have a discount for sustainable weddings! And for all other weddings, I give a part of my profits to charity!

Raw emotions & love.




When should we contact you?

Anywhere between a year and 6 months is usual. It can happen that I book a couple more than a year before their wedding or a few months before. But if you really want to work with me, it’s better if we get in touch asap.


What's included in your packages?

400 photos minimum, a USB key, an online gallery to share with all your close ones, one softcover book.
All my packages also include an engagement session because it’s a perfect way to make you feel more at ease on your big day.


Do you travel?

Yes, I do! I love my city but I love traveling even more. So whether you are getting married or eloping in Europe or anywhere else, I can fit into your luggage!


How many pictures do you deliver?

It totally depends on what happens during the day. It can go from 400 to 700. I usually take 3000 pics a day, and then I select the best ones and get rid of the duplicates etc.
Don’t worry, you’ll get all you need!


What do you shoot with?

I shoot with two cameras: a Sony A9 and Sony A7III. Each is mounted with a different lens, allowing me to give you a different perspective of the same day.
The big advantage with Sony is that my cameras don”t make a sound. Already told you that I was a ninja, right?
Bonus: I’m a drone pilot too, so I can take nice shots from above!


How do we book you?

I love to hear your stories, so go over to my contact page, and tell me all about you. Then, we’ll schedule a meeting/Skype to get to know each other more!

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