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Protecting the environment and animals is really important to me. Of course, you can’t be perfect when it comes to the environment, but it’s always possible to do little things for the planet.

Looking at weddings, I realized they were quite polluting events. Vendors use plastic, there can be a lot of food waste, people sometimes use sky lanterns etc. So I thought it would be nice to reward people who are trying to make a change, and organize a more sustainable wedding!

So what do I have for you? Because I want to shoot more eco-friendly weddings, I decided to give you a discount of 10% off any wedding package. But what counts as a sustainable wedding? Well, it can be an elopement, a wedding with less than 80 guests, a vegan/vegetarian wedding, a wedding in an eco-friendly venue etc.

To have this discount, all you need to do is send me a message and tell me what you are doing to plan a more sustainable wedding

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I do realize that sometimes it can be really hard to cut down on your invites, organize a wedding close to your home or finding eco-friendly vendors. Sometimes it can also make your wedding a lot more expensive! So, if your wedding is not eco-friendly, I will take 3% of the profit I make from your wedding and give it to a charity. Either for animal or environment protection. You will be able to choose the charity when signing the contract.

Every little action counts.


I'll be more than happy to make a change, with you!