Every year, I plan an inspirational photo shoot. It’s the perfect time to meet with other vendors and create something to inspire our future couples. For this photoshoot, I just wanted to shoot an intimate mountain elopement. Mountains are a huge inspiration for me. I shoot one of my first weddings in the mountains and I have been craving to go back ever since.

I started to look for the ideal venue because it always starts with the venue. I wanted to have a look at places that weren’t listed as “wedding venues” because that’s how you find beautiful gems.  I endend up finding chalet Nantailly, and it was love at first sight. You probably know it if your follow me on instagram, but I’m quite sensitive to nature and the environement. SO when I saw that it was an eco-friendly cabin, facing the Mont-Blanc, I knew it was meant to happen.

Then, I wrote to other vendors to build a kick ass team! Ethical wedding rings, handmade crown… We got it all! The idea was to put out there some modern wedding inspiration, and show that you can break the rules!

After finding the team, I had to find the right couple. I already knew Sarah & Cedric from another photoshoot and they were just perfect. For them, it was love at first sight, but the kind of relationship you only see in movies. Cute as they are, they wrote their own vows to make it even more real. We all dropped a few tears.

I hope this photoshoot will inspire you too!
You can also find it on the blog La mariée aux pieds Nus !

Venue: Chalet Nantailly |  Stationary & design: Majenia | Flowers: Jaune Pivoine | Dress: Maison Maélie | Make-up and hair: FG Maquillage | Crown: Mignonne Handmade | Rings: Paulette à Bicyclette | Costume: Asos