2019 is over. It has been the craziest year for me and my company since I started it. I went to workshops that completely changed my life. I met so many nice couples and families, I did my first photoshoots for brands … It was a year full of “first times” and discoveries. But it was also exhausting at some point and made me realized that I really needed to take time off and balance this work/private life thing. And finally, I also learned that I could create my own gifs, and since it’s a huge passion of mine, I’ve been doing them ALL THE TIME..

Important moments of 2019: Being published on La mariée au Pieds nus | Doing my first wedding fair: L’amour l’amour la mode | Doing my first body positive project Fuck the summer body | Éric René Penoy workshop in Portugal

Here are some pictures of this nice year, obviously I couldn’t put all my faves but you know, it’s a pretty decent glimpse into 2019.
Can’t wait for 2020!