Book an English-speaking wedding photographer

Let’s face it, planning a wedding in France can be stressful. Besides picking a venue, one of the more difficult decisions is choosing a wedding photographer. Do they speak good English? Will they understand what I want and what exactly can I expect from them?
My goal is to whisk this stress away just like your better half whisked you off your feet.

I offer comprehensive wedding photography packages where everything is laid out in plain English. From A to Z, I’ll be on hand to record every part of your special day and you won’t have to worry about a thing.
Check out my various packages and options below or head over to my about me page to learn more about my love for the English language.

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An investment for life

How many times have you flicked through photo albums with your parents, grand-parents or even great grand-parents, and listened to them reminiscing about how special their wedding was?

Hiring a professional photographer is truly a priceless investment. How else will you explain the look on the groom’s face when he saw his bride for the first time, the atmosphere of the first dance or the pure joy on everyone’s face as they partied the night away?

These souvenirs will last with you forever. Throughout the day and night, I will capture every moment, every expression and every emotion in the most authentic way possible, leaving you with memories that will be passed down from generation to generation.

Free engagement shoot offered with full day coverage packages

My full day packages come with a free engagement shoot which is your opportunity to have your own personal session with me.

It lasts approximately one hour and allows us to get comfortable with each other while giving you both the chance to enjoy each other’s company before the big day.

Just like your wedding, it’s meant to represent you. If you both love the mountains, that’s where we’ll go. Or if you’re bikers, then we’ll do it with your hog. A private, two-on-one photoshoot that you can keep for yourselves or share with others.


My commitment to the plant

I care deeply about our planet and animal welfare. That is why I donate part of my fee to a charity of your choice. It’s my way of doing a little something for the planet. But through my wedding recommandations, I also encourage people to take a more eco-friendly approach to weddings, because they are a lot of amazing options out there! Green can be stylish too.

Help you plan a greener weeding

I can recommend vendors with an ecofriendly approach and give you lots of ideas to make your wedding a little bit greener! If that's something you are interested in, I'll share all my ideas with you.

Charity donations

Because I want every wedding to have a greater purpose, I promise to donate 1% of my profit to a charity of your choosing. When you sign the contract, I will send you a list of charities and you can decide which one it will be.

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