I’m 24 and I live in a beautiful city called Lyon, France. I live my cat, boyfriend, vynils, and plants. I grew up traveling for my dad’s job so I’m always quite eager to go to new places.

I’m a sucker for nature and wide spaces. I live for the music: when I’m not taking pictures or watching a movie/tv show, I’m usually at a concert.
I’m also vegan, for the animals and the planet. (I don’t mind shooting your wedding if you’re not vegan, no worries)

I’m definitely an empath. I believe that’s why photography is perfect for me. I focus on emotions and will always prefer an imperfect picture with a true feel, than at technically perfect pic with no emotion.


"And if you go, I wanna go with you And if you die, I wanna die with you" - System of a down

Stuff I’m passionate about:

To get to know me a bit better, here are a few things I love, in no order: London, Norway, tattoos, cats, travels, Wes Anderson movies, Rick and Morty, The Office (well can’t list every tv show and movie I love because you don’t have all day) mountains, sunsets, the moon, pizzas, plants (one day my apartment will look like a jungle).

Listen to some songs I love



There are thousands of photographers out there. What makes us different is the way we shoot and edit, but it’s mostly who we are as a person. For me, being real is a moto. I can’t do things that I don’t like or want so I will not sign with you if we don’t get along. I need you to trust me and I need to feel at ease with you. So we always meet to see if there is something between us too.


Planning a wedding is not an easy task. So I always do my best to help you however I can. First, I’ll send you a guide with everything I know about weddings, but I’ll also share recommendations, blog articles etc.
I will also be there on your big day to reassure you if needed. I mean, I’m in this for real.

photographe mariage Paris


If I do this job it’s because I want to make beautiful memories for you. But it’s also because this is a job where I can learn and grow everyday. I go to workshops, try new stuff and question myself all the time so that you can have the best pictures! (and because I don’t want to get bored of my job too!)