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A Frenchie that speaks English

We have all heard the expression: “A picture speaks a thousand words.”
Photography is all about communicating feelings and emotions through a visual medium, illustrating so much more than we could ever describe.
But what would a wedding be without language? Without the tearful vows, the heartfelt blessings between father and daughter and the tender whispers of the first dance.
Whether you’re planning a bilingual ceremony or simply want an English wedding in the glorious setting of France, being surrounded by people who speak your language is essential to ensuring your day goes exactly as planned.
And while my native French is known as the language of love, it’s English that has always held a special place in my heart. Ever since I was little, I have been infatuated with the English language and culture, and time spent living in both London and Dublin has only served to reinforce this passion.
That’s why I love photographing international couples: meeting their families and friends, chatting with their guests and bringing everyone closer together in the name of amour.

Séance photo de couple dans le Forez en noir et blanc photographe mariage Paris photo de couple en noir et blanc

France is the destination wedding location par excellence.

Whether it be in Paris, the romantic capital of the world, against the backdrop of the snow-capped Alps or amongst the majestic chateaux of the Loire Valley, there is no better place to declare your love for one another.

And as a wedding photographer, my job is to capture this declaration in all its unbridled glory. To portray the indefinable raw emotion and create tangible memories that will never fade.

Marriage is the start of an adventure that will last a lifetime. Let me provide an eternal reminder of where it all began.

"At last my love has come along My lonely days are over and life is like a song" - Etta James

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"I don't mind if you wanna go anywhere I'll take you there" - Angus & julia Stone

Much more than a wedding photographer

Your wedding is the ultimate embodiment of your relationship. It should be about no one else but you: representing who you are and what you believe in.
Your photographer should be no different.

Wedding photography is not a business arrangement, it’s a friendship.
My service is much more about taking photos and chronicling your day: it’s an enriching journey we embark upon together. That is why I limit the number of weddings I do to only 15 a year; so that we can take the time to truly know one another and build a relationship.

I will not just be the person behind the camera — I will be your companion.
Beforehand, I will help you plan and organise, provide advice and give you any tips I have gleaned over the years. On the actual day, I will help calm your nerves and fears, guide your guests and make your wedding even more special than you could ever have imagined.
And once it’s all over, I will leave you with the souvenirs and memories that you will look back on for the rest of your lives.

I'm here to be your friend through this adventure.

Mariage au château de Pramenoux

Let's make memories together!

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What type of weddings do I photograph?

Intimate and authentic.

I get that some people have always dreamed of lush, extravagant weddings with hundreds of guests and a huge party. But that’s just not me.

I prefer photographing weddings that are simple, unconventional and romantic. Weddings designed for you and no one else. Perhaps it’s just you two on an elopement. I love couples that do away with old-fashioned customs and come to France on a whim with nothing but themselves and a suitcase.

Or maybe you bring along a few close friends and family. People you truly value and you want to witness your special day. Either way, the smaller and more private, the better.

Where do I work?

All over France and Europe.
I’m based in Lyon but travelling is in my DNA.
I will follow you to Paris, Brittany, the French Riviera or even outside of the country. Wherever your heart takes you!
However, caring for the planet is also a big part of who I am. I thus try to avoid flying as much as possible, so somewhere accessible by train/car is always preferable.