anne-sophie benoit photographe

Who is Anne-Sophie?

My name is Anne-Sophie and I am a French wedding photographer from Lyon, France. I love traveling. The best places I have been for now are London (I keep going back) and Norway.

I also love my cat, cheese, beer, wine and outdoors. I’m a vegetarian (just switched from being pescetarian). I absolutely live through music, I have various tastes (from System of a down to Hozier) but music is with me all the time.

What I also love is taking pictures of you! Telling a story is definitely what dragged me into taking pictures. Seeing people smile, listening to their stories… I just can’t get enough.

So if you are coming to France or if you want me to meet with you somewhere in Europe, I’ll be glad to plan all this together!

What I'm passionate about

London, cheese, cats, travel, Wes Anderson movies, Ghibli animes, Rick and Morty, The Office (and a bunch of other movies and tv shows), mountains, sunsets, the moon, pizzas, plants (I secretly wish to turn my flat into a jungle)